Thursday, February 11, 2021

2021 Dream Trip Tickets

 For the past 15 years Georgia Trout Unlimited has conducted the “Dream Trip” raffle to raise the funds needed to support Trout Camp and other conservation items to support our TU mission. This is truly a “Dream Trip” in that for a $10 ticket you can win a weeks worth of Guided fishing and lodging with TU member John McGarity at his place right outside Yellowstone National Park. This raffle is open to EVERYONE not just TU members. There are lots of great runner up prizes also. Please consider this an investment in Georgia TU Projects. The money raised from this stays here in Georgia. The drawing will be held at the Georgia TU State Council meeting in March. So hurry and get your tickets before time runs out.

Because of restrictions due to the pandemic we are unable to sell the Dream Trip tickets in our normal fashion. This years Dream Trip raffle has been moved online. Here is what we need to do :
# 1 Go online to the site below and purchase your tickets.
#2 Please make sure you check “Foothills Chapter”
#3 There is a fee for the purchase. The council passed this fee to the purchaser in order to maximize the donations.
#4 Note that you can purchase ANY number of tickets. Also this is not just for TU members, anyone can buy tickets and win the Dream Trip. Please ask your friends and family to purchase tickets also to help support our Georgia TU mission.
Each of the state chapters is expected to sell our quota of 150 tickets. So far Foothills has accounted for 42 tickets sold. I want to thank those of you who have purchased tickets. I am asking all of you to help in Foothills reaching it’s quota of 150 tickets sold. Any number of tickets you purchase will greatly help and be greatly appreciated. Again, Thank You to those that have already purchased tickets and Thank You to those that are going to do so.
Please do everything you can to keep yourself and your family safe and well as we negotiate our way forward. Better times will return and we will be able to meet again soon.