Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Unicoi OAD- Need Your Help - A Few More Vols

Remember Saturday’s event at Unicoi State Park!

My event roster is rounding out very well, but I still have two important staffing needs.  They are:

11)     3 vols to register guests at the skeet shooting venue and to windex the headphones (ear protection) between users.
22)     Up to 5 vols to serve as stream fishing guides, who find fishless kids and help them to rig correctly and catch a trout.

Thanks for your consideration during this home stretch.  Please pass the word on my last minute appeal for a few more vols and contact me here if you can help.  I do plan on sending out a roster and event instructions to all OAD vols and staff NLT tomorrow.

Jeff Durniak
North Georgia Region Fisheries Supervisor

Wildlife Resources Division
(770) 535-5498

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