Saturday, August 22, 2015

NLC Climate Change committee


A survey for input from Georgia TU members will be coming out before the Council meeting in September. Because the NLC Climate Change committee has limited their surveys to ONLY leaders outside of Georgia, this survey will reach all TU Georgia members. I encourage you to urge your chapter members to respond to the survey so we can get a good and accurate response from our members.

You received a link to a family of climate change papers during the December 2014 Council meeting and those papers are still available on Dropbox. (         

I have attached another link to a very interesting paper on global temperatures and you might find that interesting as well. The paper has a good bit of technical data and graphs that you may not have time to wade through and if so, read the abstract and skip down to the conclusions.

M. A. (Mack) Martin
National Leadership Council Rep 
Georgia Council Trout Unlimited

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