Monday, May 18, 2015

TU 11 Mile Challenge

What is the 11-Mile Challenge?
The 11-Mile Challenge is a simple concept.  TU’s Southeast Conservation Project can reconnect 11 miles of brook trout stream with our work to replace old and outdated culverts with modern, fish-friendly structures. 11 miles isn’t much when you are driving, biking or even hiking, but what about fishing?   We will enroll anglers in the challenge and ask them to track their angling miles, share photos and stories, and best of all, win some awesome gear this fall.  In the process, we will engage the angling community with the goal of diversifying membership, giving members a reason to connect with TU and their Chapters, and raising awareness about the importance of stream connectivity for native trout. 

The Challenge is simple:
1.       Sign-up at
2.       Fish on any trout stream.
3.       Track your actual fishing miles using pen and paper or get high tech with apps.
4.       Share your stories with TU staff using email or social media, like Facebook. 
5.       All participants are eligible for gear and prizes and we will celebrate participants at the WNC Fly Fishing Expo in Asheville December 5-6, 2015.
It’s free to sign up and prizes include a guided fishing trip with Davidson River Outfitters for 2 ($500 value), a Tenkara USA outfit from Hunter Banks ($300 value), Flymen Fishing Co. gear, and great TU gear.

Why it’s important.
The importance of the Challenge is two-fold.  The Challenge will raise awareness about the accomplishments of TU’s Southeast Conservation Project and heighten TU’s presence on social media—an important tool for recruiting young anglers for membership and participation. 
Second, the Challenge will help the TU project and chapters in the region connect with members, and hopefully increase their level of participation in TU activities and fundraising (at chapter and national levels).

How you can help. 

Participate!  This will only work if we get people participating—this starts at the chapter level.  Sign up at .  You can email me, Tara, with questions any time at  There are more detailed instructions on how to participate on the website.

Promote!  Here are a few ways:
·         Print out the attached poster and put it up at meetings or anywhere you see fit (stream side info stations, outfitters, community centers, libraries, etc). 
·         “Like” us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter or Instagram @tusoutheast.
·         Repost our Facebook entry: log on to your Chapter’s Facebook account, and then search for TUSoutheast – once on our page, find a post about the 11-Mile Challenge, and then click “Repost” and promote it on your own Facebook page.
·         Paste the content of the sample newsletter article into your Chapter Newsletter and use the Challenge graphic too.
·         Email this packet out to anyone you think might be interested. 
Thank you and have fun with it!

Tara Granke

Tara Granke | Southeast Communications Specialist

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