Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Search for Officers and Committee Chairs

Foothills TU
Search for Officers and Committee Chairs
Everyone, this is very important. We are in need of some officers and committee chairs for the Foothills Chapter. In particular, we are in search of the next president. If you feel that it is time for you to step up to the lead or you just want to help out in some other capacity as an officer or committee chair, let us know at the next meeting.

Please find listing of Officers and Committees from TU document, with roles briefly described. Terms can be 2 year terms or 1 year terms with no more than 2 two year terms or 3 one year terms. Please contact any /all members of nominating committee listed below to let them know what role you would be interested in. We will plan to at the October 9th meeting finalize our roster of officers and committees.

President-general executive officer, appoints all chairs of chapter committees, oversees all activities of the chapter, preside at all membership and board meetings.

Vice president-assumes duties of president if president absent or unable to perform duties, duties as assigned by Board of Directors and President

Treasurer- Bob Parker will work to transition to new person by end of September.
These duties include:
  • Custody of all funds, sign execute, in name of chapter, all contracts, agreements and obligations.
  • Keep accurate accounts and give reports
  • Submit to TU, an annual financial report
  • Make all necessary filings to IRS, stat and local authorities
  • Upon request, permit access of books, records and accounts to officers of TU records and accounts to officers of TU.
Secretary-keep minutes, send required notices, keep membership records, may assist the treasurer.


Communications - website and Facebook Ted Jones has taken on this now.  Bob Lux - newsletter.

Membership - Darryl Parker- membership services, list efforts to recruit and retain members

Education-education programs and youth activities- Smithgall, Outdoor Adventure days, kids fishing events, Veterans Programs...
Darryl Parker will be committee member

Conservation-activities and projects that directly support the TU agenda
Mike Kovanich will be committee member.

Financial development - chapter fundraising -Hoot on the Hooch, Tie-a- thon. Raffle tickets.
Darryl Parker will be committee member.

Nominating - leadership development and submission of slate of candidates for elections.
Jimmy Harris, Doug Calvert, Julie Rivers and Darryl Parker

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